Word-Of-Mouth Referral Rewards Program


Enjoy your Stratos Service? Have you told your friends about us?


We want to reward you with free service for helping us get the word out.


For every referral you send us resulting in a new Stratos customer, we will reward you with 1 month of free service. Interested?


It's easy. Follow these 4 easy steps.


1. Refer your friend to us.


If they place an order, you qualify for a free month of service. It does not matter how they submit their order, they don't even need to know in advance that you are getting credit for the referral.



Please include:

 a) Your account #

b) The referred customer's name and  service address



3. Enjoy Free Service.


Once your request is validated, we will apply a free month of service to your account and your friend's account.


That's it!


There is no limitation on the number of referrals you can apply for.

So why not just tell everyone you know!?





1. Every referral must be a new customer. Former customers reactivating service do not qualify for this promotion. Locations that were previously active may still qualify, so long as the customer of record is not residing with any prior customer or has any familial relationship.


2. Both you and your friend's account must be in good standing. You may not apply a referral credit to any open or unpaid account balance or any amounts already billed to your account. The reward is limited to free service in the next occurring (not yet billed) service period. Rewards have no cash value. You may bank up to a maximum of 24 free months.


3. The referral customer must be a paying customer purchasing service on one of the standard Stratos service plans. This promotion may not be combined with other promotions unless otherwise indicated.


4. All requests for referral requests must be submitted after a customer order is placed but no more than 30 days following the activation of the referral customer. We are sorry, but cannot grant a reward for requests submitted after 30 days following the activation date.


5. This is a limited time promotion.






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